Current focus

You can have a look at current focus, activities and hobbies.

Main activity is

  • interconnecting public web and CRM - user profile, lead evaluation, all GDPR friendly. Simple to complex but solution under full control respecting privacy and boosting efficiency.
  • automating ML process to save time and automatically keep models up-to-date.
  • interim management (help to create/boost department - mainly data and B2C)
  • planting possible unicorns (looking for sales VP/business co-founder)
  • and as a hobby (employment status but invest 10 times more from company than salary) teaching and motivating students.

... and many more

What I have achieved so far


Years in business



Automatically learned predictions



Currently I am focused in following areas

Interim management/CTO/business responsible

Take responsibility for department or start to operate department and handover to local staff (CRM/sales support/servicing)

Management consulting & improving business by data (analytics)

50+ references. Many ways to approach this. Replaced user sessions, process bottleneck etc. with deep dive analyses.

Connect web and CRM

Address your clients in self-care and public web with best message. Enhance CRM data with public web trace information.

New potential unicorns - looking for sales VP/business co-founder

We have several solution. If you are ex startup cofounder or ex-CEO and looking for content, please contact me.

Interconnect company technologies

Have web visitors, paying CRM customers, mailing system etc. and looking for how to fit these together? Let's discuss, maybe we can help to interconnect all of these with you.

Automate AI/ML - Test and Learn automatically

Want to have optimal message for clients/web/onboarding communication? Let have a look for out Test and Learn solution that choose best way for each client. No historical data needed.